In my first grad school project, I explored app design using Adobe XD.
Creative burnout happens. The chronic stress of the workplace takes its toll on creatives who need physical and emotional energy to do their best work. It can cause designers to lose interest in their work, avoid professional responsibilities, or to leave the field of design entirely.
Don’t get burned out. Take a break, get away from your computer, and get outside to mentally recharge. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors is a reliable way to break creative block and combat burnout—it improves concentration, mood, mental sharpness, creative thinking and problem-solving ability. It also reduces stress and boosts short-term memory. Just 25 minutes in any green space is enough to give your brain a much-needed break. Your imagination will kick in when your brain quiets down—resulting in flashes of insight and creativity, positive well-being, and reductions in stress. 
Catching Sparks, a specialized geocaching app, encourages designers to get up from their desks and get outside. Designers will spend time outdoors searching for hidden caches, taking a bit of inspiration left behind from another designer, and leaving some words of inspiration for the next designer. Being away from your desk, spending time outside, having a little physical activity, and creating something that isn’t work-related are all a part of Catching Sparks. These activities are tried-and-true ways to curb creative burnout and they’re fun too!
Catch a few sparks of inspiration and feel the benefits of spending time outdoors with Catching Sparks, geocaching for designers.

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