Experienced graphic designer and Adobe Certified Expert. 
A visual problem solver with a love of creativity and technology. Passionate about reading, art, and making
the world a better place for people and animals. 
Unapologetically liberal and optimistic.
I transferred schools more than halfway through the seventh grade — a pre-teen nightmare. My English teacher suggested I join yearbook and changed my life that day. I sat down with a stack of sample layouts and a large pad of paper covered in a grid of tiny blue picas — I was hooked. The next six years of my life were filled with thumbnail sketches, cropping photos, setting text, selecting fonts and themes, and then meticulously laying out all the spreads. Yes, I've known what I want to do since 7th grade. I've been growing and expanding my design skills since then, working in printing, in-house marketing, and ad agencies — but my first love will always be yearbook.
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